Made from memories, Stitched with love

Made from memories, Stitched with love

Upcycling memories from your cherished fabrics

Transform your child’s treasured blanket or favorite baby clothes into a lovable memory bunny plush with our eco-friendly upcycling service. We handcraft each stuffed animal using the original material, creating a sentimental memory plush that your child will cherish for years to come. Our commitment to quality and safety means that your Archie plush is not only sustainable but also safe and durable for your child to play with. Let us turn your child’s beloved fabrics into a precious keepsake that will be treasured for a lifetime.


We are committed to reducing waste and creating sustainable products that are both functional and beautiful. We transform your materials into a unique and lovable Archie the Bunny plush that your child will cherish for years to come.


Each bunny is lovingly crafted, ensuring that every detail is meticulously attended to. We take great care to maintain the integrity of the original fabric, while also adding soft, plush stuffing to make it the perfect companion for your child.

Free Shipping

Enjoy hassle-free shipping right to your doorstep. We take every precaution to ensure Archie’s safe arrival, and we use low-impact packaging, making your purchase environmentally friendly. We care about both your satisfaction and the planet.

How it works

Once you place your order your will receive an email with instructions on sending your fabric. Once we have your fabric we will update on when you can expect your very own Archie to arrive. Most orders take 2-3 weeks.

About Archie

It all started when I wanted to find a way to preserve the memories and sentimental value of my own children’s baby blankets and favorite clothing. I knew I couldn’t just throw them away or store them in a box, so I decided to turn them into something special that my children could love and cherish forever.